Synergising Digital Communications

Data Driven Decision Making 

Every action at Syndic Marketing is backed by data.

We understand the power of data  and we know how to treat it and harness it for your brands revenue performance.

  1. Unlock the potential of your first party data  through multi device Dynamic Remarketing 
  2. Exploit 2nd Party & 3rd Party platform data to increase your customer prospects

Goal Based Media Buying  

We help brands reach out to their target audience in the digital landscape through optimised media engagement.             

Every brand is different and based on the business goal will have a unique prospecting & attribution strategy. 

Brand Marketing Goals

Whether it is achieving brand goals for completed video views, unique impressions or engagement with social articles and influencers,  brand safety is our top prioirty
Syndic Marketing understands brand sensitivities and strives to maintain brand safety through stringent media planning and buying techniques. 

 Performance Marketing Goals  

Our Affiliate Marketing roots enable us to optimise multiple bid platforms with strict ROI benchmarks. We can further increase scale of incremental revenue by building an affiliate program for your brand. We understand the toil required to build a succesfull affiliate program and help brands recruit & manage global networks and affiliates for their program.

Say Goodbye to Media agnosticism and gain Supreme Knowledge of what channel and strategy performs for your brand.

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Martech Management 

Martech is the heart of a brand’s digital footprint.  It processes data  and applies it to the right use in the digital ecosystem.

Our Martech solutions are flexible for brands of all sizes. Whether you have your own instance and want us to manage a particular platform or want to exploit solutions from our stack of 3rd party technology partners, a healthy heart is what we wish for your brand. 

  • Attribution Platforms - Google Analytics
  • Programmatic Platforms- Google Display & Video 360,     AppNexus, Proprietary Stack
  • Data Management Platforms - Adobe Audience Manager,    Google Audience Center, Salesforce
  • Affiliate tracking Platform - Proprietary stack, Has offers 

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